Non-recurrent funding for activity outside of contracted hours

Dear colleague,

New non-recurrent funding has just been announced for February and March.

I have summarised below the main points as I understand them, along with the necessary links, which I urge you to read and digest in case I have misinterpreted anything. Providers must submit their Expressions of Interest at by 10am 31 January 2022, although I understand that submissions after this date may still be considered.

1. £5.7M one-off funding until end of financial year for the Eastern Region

2. In addition to delivery of 110% of contracted activity already announced in Q4 letter

3. Sessions of additional 3.5 hour blocks (or appropriately agreed)

4. Outside core hours (early/late/weekends)

4. Minimum of 4-6 patients per session

5. To include AGP and non-AGP care

6. Must not adversely impact delivery of Q4 income threshold

7. Should have met minimum performance threshold in H1 and Q3 to avoid clawback

8. Urgent care and subsequent stabilisation of OH

9. Priority for children/vulnerable adults

Provision of urgent dental care and stabilisation services 1.2.22. to 31.3.22.

Overview of East of England urgent dental care and stabilisation

Kind regards,

Clint Foreman

(Asst. Sec. Essex LDC)

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