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Essex LDC Constitution

The Constitution describes the function of the Essex LDC, composition of the Committee and terms of office of the members.

Constitution: About Us

Essex Local Dental Committee Constitution

This document was agreed with the Director of Commissioning at the Essex Local Area Team in 2013. Please click below to download a signed copy of the original document.

Summary of the Essex Local Dental Committee Constitution

The function of the Essex Local Dental Committee is to represent any dental practitioner (who so desires to be represented) who is providing NHS-commissioned dental services under a general dental services contract (or other primary dental services) in the Essex region.

The Committee may consist of up to 25 elected members who are eligible practitioners, as well as co-opted members (at the discretion of the Committee) who do not have voting rights on the Committee. Members may hold office for a period of four years.

Members of the Committee shall make appointments that include Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Constitution includes further details regarding:

  • The Essex Local Dental Committee election process

  • Composition and notice of meetings

  • Record keeping requirements of the Committee

  • Participation in NHS Commissioning Board discussions

Constitution: Files
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