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LDC Updates - October 2021

Dear colleague,

The NHS has now published details of the contractual arrangements for Q3 (1.10.21. to 31.12.21.).

The NHS will be increasing the minimum threshold for contractual payment protections as follows:

65% for contracted UDAs

85% for contracted UOAs

From Q3, the NHS will reduce the adjustment made to payment for activity not delivered from 16.75% to 12.75%

Please access and read carefully the full letter and associated links.

For Asylum Seekers supported by UK Visas and Immigration (UKV&I) under section 95, they are issued with HC2 certificates usually within 2 weeks of their arrival. If the patient has not yet received their HC2 certificate and is unable to provide evidence of exemption, the advice to dental practices is as follows; Do not refuse treatment Put an X against the 'No' option in the 'Evidence of exemption or remission seen' box on the FP17 PR form and Dental Activity claim Ask the patient to sign the declaration on the FP17 PR form Please see the links below for the current updates. Kind regards, Clint Foreman (Asst. Sec. Essex LDC) Dental Workforce Development HEE Update Oct 2021 This flyer covers the HEE Dental Workforce Development sessions to the end of 2021 and provides information about new DCP Study Club provision. These sessions provide safe, supportive, peer sessions for many of our DCP groups. These groups are in their early stages of development. The reason why several sessions are “tbc” is so that the group can evolve to be responsive to the members. The aspiration is that HEE will support a number of local DCP study clubs throughout the region. Dental AMR Flyer 24.11.21. This flyer promotes a joint course between dental teams and pharmacists. This is an opportunity for networking and the promotion of greater understanding between the professions. The topic of AMR is extremely important. The session falls at the end of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, and offers free CPD. The session is online, and should be available for all dental team members as well as our pharmacy colleagues. Letter for flu inclusion Letter for flu to announce inclusion of new eligible cohort. EDC MOS Referral Form LeveL1 SEDATION REFERRAL Hutton Village Coram Green The FDS sedation button will be reactivated on 8th October 2021. You can again refer for: Level 2 MOS with sedation on the FDS portal. Level 1 MOS and Sedation patients - GDPs need to refer directly to The Essex Dental Clinic or Coram Green using the practice email addresses and referral forms on the links above. N.B. Level 1 is not for restorative, just oral surgery with sedation. the next steps to support the recovery of NHS dentistry, This has been published on: Coronavirus » Letters, updates and additional guidance for dental teams (

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