Greener NHS National Clinical Fellows Scheme

Dear Colleague,

Green Impact Dentistry has been extended for another year.

Dentists have recently been added to the eligible group to apply for the Greener NHS National Clinical Fellows Scheme (see details below + attachment), demonstrating that the NHS Carbon Net Zero report is targeting all NHS funded activity.

Kind regards,

Clint Foreman


The Chief Sustainability Officer has launched a Clinical Fellow Scheme which is open to allied health professionals, doctors in training, nurses, midwives and Public Health Specialist Registrar Trainees and Dentists.

The inaugural cohort will join the Greener NHS programme for 12 months to lead on key projects that will fundamentally change the way that care is designed, developed and delivered across the system.

This scheme will grant clinical fellows a chance to work on the new Greener NHS National Programme with a broad remit of delivering a net zero health service and learn how sustainability and carbon reduction principles align with delivering high quality care and protecting wellbeing.

Clinical fellows will gain a strong understanding of sustainability principles, leadership and management skills, an understanding of how policy is developed and implemented, as well as communication and collaboration skills.

Applications close on 24 May 2021. For more information visit:

20210513_Greener NHS-Dentistry CO Sustai
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