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GDC Fee Increase + Dental Tourism

Dear colleague,

GDC Fee Increase

The GDC has put out a consultation:

The BDA has already commented publicly ( ) and will be responding fully to the consultation.

Historically the GDC has placed equal weight on all responses so it is useful to have as many replies as possible.

The deadline for response is 6.9.22.


Dental Tourism

The BBC has cut a documentary, and messages are being disseminated on all BDA and BBC social channels, with the BBC prioritising tiktok and Instagram where much of the patient base resides.

The BBC is leading on exclusive survey data provided by the GDPC on the risks patients face seeking cut price dentistry overseas.

The GDPC wants to find the largest possible audience for this data, both on behalf of members providing private and cosmetic care, and those providing NHS care who are picking up the pieces.

Please take the opportunity to share any stories in response to these posts:



Chair of the BDA, Eddie Crouch, has written the following:

With weekly headlines over ‘Turkey teeth’, we’ve worked with the BBC to shine a light on the rise in dental tourism.

1,000 of you responded to our survey and the results were stark. Too many colleagues have been left picking up the pieces when patients return to the UK.

Nearly every dentist told us they’d seen the results first-hand. And from failed treatment to infection, there are real concerns about continuity of care.

Across social media companies are shamelessly promoting offers for the ‘perfect’ smile, which are often too good to be true. The reality is patients with previously healthy teeth are undergoing ‘smile makeovers’ sometimes requiring a lifetime of costly maintenance or immediate remedial work, the costs frequently borne by the NHS.

We need the authorities to step up, with robust messages on the potential risks. And clearly, more guidance is needed on the medico-legal ramifications of treating patients who have sought treatment overseas.

We will continue to work with government, regulators and the indemnity sector to help bring needed clarity here, and ensure our patients are fully informed of the risks they face.

Kind regards, Clint Foreman (Asst. Sec. Essex LDC)

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