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                                           GDPC meeting 2.2.24.

Please see:               Report of GDPC Meeting 2.2.24.


LDC Conference 2024  - Thursday 6 – Friday 7 June 2024 - Brighton Conference Chair, Agi Tarnowski said at Officials Day and in her recent blog that the central theme of Conference this year is 'Exploring What Good Looks Like'.Good healthcare practices and policies can vary greatly depending on one's viewpoint - from policymakers to performers, practices, and patients - and understanding these diverse perspectives can evolve for the collective good.Your input here is requested via the poll - see :                                          Slido Poll Question


The Provider Selection Regime (PSR) came into force on 1 January 2024. Relevant authorities – NHS England, ICBs, NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts, and local authorities and combined authorities must now apply the PSR when procuring healthcare services.Importantly, sections of the PSR statutory guidance have now been updated; the changes made are highlighted on top of the webpage.You can also access additional resources or review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Learn more by joining a webinar (new dates have been released for January-March) or by visiting the PSR website.


Recent Developments in NHS Pension Scheme

1.Retirement Flexibilities

• Partial Retirement (no need for 24 hour break)                                       

• End  of 16 hour rule                                       

• Can pay into NHS Pension after retirement

2.Abolition of Lifetime Allowance

3.Annual Allowance for 2022/23 - fixed

4.McCloud – remedying age discrimination

• Decision at retirement

5.Member Contribution changes

6.Actuarial Valuation

• NHS England contribution to rise in April 2024


Message from the East of England Local Dental Network

I work with the East of England Local Dental Network and regional ICB leads, and we are currently inviting all NHS practices within Mid and South Essex, Norfolk and Waveney and Suffolk and North East Essex ICBs to engage with the East of England LDN and regional ICBs so we have a robust communications list to provide your practice with relevant information about your local area.This may include important updates relating to National Guidelines, ICB/LDN developments and newsletters, information on procurement, commissioning and piloting of services, as well as local courses available to the team, for example BDA Core CPD study days and webinars.We want to ensure all practices and team members are kept completely informed of all developments so please pass this email and link on to all members of your team; practice managers, dentists, nurses, therapists and hygienists. Please click on the following link to provide your contact details and we will then be able to add you on to our communications database immediately:          

Veni Cochrane 

BDS MFDS MSc (Senior Clinical Leadership Fellow NHSE East of England)


Kind regards,

Clint Foreman

(Asst. Sec. Essex LDC)

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