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LDC Meeting 10.6.24. + Updates

                                       LDC Meeting 10.6.24.

Please see my notes for LDC Meeting 10.6.24. which may suggest questions that you might wish to put to the ICB representatives or the LDC officials.


                  Department of Health & Social Care Consultation

To examine ‘whether newly qualified dentists should commit to delivering a minimum amount of NHS work after graduating or repay some training fees’.

BDA initial response:

Link to the consultation:

There are only five questions to answer, some of which ask for further written comments and have a 500-word limit. This is your opportunity to have your say.


                             Utilising Skill Mix in General Practice

            CPD Webinar: 25 June 2024, 7pm – 8.30pm (1.5 hours CPD)


  • A webinar to discuss skill mix in general practice and why mentoring can be beneficial

  • Provide an overview of the NHS skill mix guidance and how to implement in general dental practice

  • Explain the changes in the 2022 contract reform in relation to skill mix

  • Introduction to mentoring

                    Booking via Accent using the following link:

Or:  Dr Rami Khatib (LDN Chair for Derbyshire) :



Dental Nurses Support Group : Medical conditions in dentistry Webinar

                   Course Dates: 2 July 2024; 19:00-20:30  :  link


     Policy book for primary dental services and associated appendices 


An updated policy book and associated appendices for primary dental services has been published this week. The document provides commissioners of dental services with the context, information and tools to commission and manage dental contracts. 



                                   Pre-election key information


                                  What is the pre-election period?

During the pre-election period, previously referred to as ‘purdah’, specific restrictions are placed on the use of public resources and the communication activities of public bodies, civil servants and local government officials.

The pre-election period is designed to avoid the actions of public bodies distracting from or having influence on election campaigns. The pre-election period has implications for all NHS organisations, although it is worth remembering that the NHS should always remain politically impartial.

                                       Key considerations

All NHS organisations and staff behave impartially towards all candidates and political parties, and do not influence the election outcomes, whether inadvertently or intentionally.

As always during a pre-election period, there should be:

  • no new decisions or announcements of policy or strategy;

  • no decisions on large and/or contentious procurement contracts;

  • no participation by official NHS representatives in debates and events that may be politically controversial, whether at national or local level.

These restrictions apply in all cases other than where postponement would be detrimental to the effective running of the local NHS, or wasteful of public money. 


Kind regards,

Clint Foreman

(Asst. Sec. Essex LDC)

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