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January 2023 Updates

Dear colleague, Please see another option for your sedation referrals for patients from the age of 4 years old and over: Broadwalk sedation referral form.

There is no waiting list, with sedation available throughout the week and on Saturdays. For information call: 077 666 888 55. ------------------------------------------------------------ Further to my request regarding trusted clinical waste providers, I have received commendations regarding the following: Culverts Farm, Culverts Lane, Boreham, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 3EW Tel : 01245 922033 Mob : 07494 867747 Auragen Waste management Ltd, 28 Station Rd., Belvedere, Kent, DA17 6JJ Tel: 02083107519 --------------------------------------------------------------- The BDA has asked me to circulate their smartsurvey on the access crisis in dentistry and wants to hear from NHS, private and mixed practice GDPs in order to enable the BDA to make informed arguments to parliamentarians on your behalf: Health Committee guidance In your evidence is important to underline that urgent and fundamental reform of the NHS contract is required, alongside appropriate funding. Structure What steps should the Government and NHS England take to improve access to NHS dental services? What role should ICSs play in improving dental services in their local area? How should inequalities in accessing NHS dental services be addressed? Does the NHS dental contract need further reform? What incentives should be offered by the NHS to recruit and retain dental professionals, and what is the role of training in this context? In this context you could outline: The limits of access in your area. Define the access crisis in your community. Who is missing out on care? Higher needs patients? Children? BBC data can illustrate the scale of local challenges with breakdowns by local authority but your local insight is key. Speak to what this means for oral health inequality in your area. How would you describe the backlogs you face? Reflect patient experience. If typical patients are now presenting with higher levels of need because of pandemic disruption, say so. Recruitment and retention problems and whether there are any differences for NHS dentistry. Speak to issues for dentists and wider team, and how that translates into thousands of patients in your community being unable to access care. How long have vacancies gone unfilled? What have you tried without success? What is the difference filling NHS and private vacancies? Financial challenges. Are you unable to attract/retain staff given your UDA rates or are you providing NHS services at a financial loss? What does the future look like for local practices? The limits of the marginal changes. Spell out whether you feel recent changes address recruitment and retention problems, appropriately reward complex work, or incentivise taking on new NHS patients. Your limited uptake of the £50m ‘dental treatment blitz’. Recount your experiences and show how practices require a long-term approach to funding/reform. Positive experiences of alternatives to UDAs e.g. local commissioning of urgent care, pilots/prototypes. It is important to offer solutions. If you feel there are learnings that can be built on, talk about them.

Kind regards, Clint Foreman (Asst. Sec. Essex LDC)

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