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British Fluoridation Society Bulletin April 2024

                    British Fluoridation Society Bulletin April 2024

       Consultation on new fluoridation plans for North East England

As a follow-on from the Health and Care Act 2022, the first new water fluoridation scheme in the UK is now at the consultation stage.

Views on the proposals are sought over a three-month period.

A UK government press release lays out the rationale for the consultation at: 

The consultation is available to access online.

Colleagues are encouraged to participate in the consultation at:  

Please register your views no later than 16th June 2024.

You can contribute as an individual or as a representative of an organisation/group. Your views will be gathered by a mixture of tick-boxes, free text and uploading documents.

The website software attempts to prevent multiple submissions as part of a lobbying campaign. This can frustrate genuine participants who may be submitting personal responses as well as group or organisation contributions. Plan carefully if you need to contribute more than once, perhaps on separate devices. When asked for identifying information, consider where is appropriate (e.g. personal contributions from a home postcode and organisational responses from the registered office postcode).

To tie in with and to support the consultation, BFS has been involved in a series of webinars for local colleagues where a mixture of presentations and discussion has helped make the process clearer and better informed.

If you need any help/information, please consult our website, the reference documents available on the consultation site or by contacting us, preferably by email via the website:


Kind regards,

Clint Foreman

(Asst. Sec. Essex LDC)

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