Essex Local Dental Committee

Essex Local Dental Committee Minutes 20071212

Hon. Secretary : Tony Clough, Roxwell House, Roxwell, Essex, CM1 4NL Tel :01245 248553, e-mail : clogdent[at]

Assist. Secretary : Clinton Foreman, Tel : 07718 900909, e-mail : clintforeman[at]

Minutes of meeting held 12.12.07. at Chelmsford Golf Club, Chelmsford, Essex.

Apologies : David Murphy, Chrissie Cope, Adam Copsey, Spencer Nute.

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved.

Matters arising : Nil.


Treasurer £50K reserve / £20K current (even W.Essex and S.E.Essex paying). £5K donated to B.Dental Guild; £5K to Dental Support Trust. Accounts to be Jan-Jan to facilitate cheque payments. Still problems with PDS contributions (suggested to go back 6 months, with £100 minimum for GDS), and Piers to help with VT payments. Accounts

Secretarial The Secretary is now welcome on OHAG in W, SW, NE and Mid - but not SE), and SW has 'commissioning group' for new services (sedation, domiciliary, etc.) and an implementation group (evenings - no expenses paid). Extra funding in SW (£600,000) will probably go to Ortho / low UDA value contracts (? increase to £21.80) + tenders for new practice in Thurrock (4000 UDAs). In NE, certain practices seem to be first in queue, and 'Dental Development' advice falls on deaf ears (is IDH about to be financed?). Some problems with 'Flagstaff'. Mid Essex now accepts that it needs advice, courtesy of our esteemed Sec. WE no longer advises Jane on its actions, and SE has 'gone dark' (CF to visit).

Infection Control : SW 'IC Nurse' wants dental protocol, and SE wants washer/disinfectors in all practices regardless of A12 guidance. A practice has been closed as it did not conform to the 'Essex Infection Control Strategy', despite conforming to A12. We need to have verifiable means of debridement (audit trail) - refer to dental annexe to HTM 20/10.

AB Prophylaxis : No longer required (see NICE website). Similarly, warfarin.

Essex Univ. Foundation Course : Hygienist / Therapist Outreach Training.

Bob Davey reported that it is a shambles (Univ. organisation/teaching is poor, SE not communicating with LDC/local dentists, and no payment has been received), but MS said that GDC now heavily involved, with a validation process for 2008. AC to organise meeting between dentists with placements and Univ. to restructure.

VT / Ext. Training Practices : 90 pages of application forms (AC refused to send 6 copies, and 1 had to suffice). Perennial problem of lack of funding to keep VDP after training, and PCTs scared of funding for one year in case practice is not accredited thereafter, which has created a dearth of potential trainers. LDC needs to lobby Deanery.

Capital Funding : SHA tasked by DoH to claw back from PCTs unused C.Funding. PCTs have been slow to allocate money (too many committees), but are honouring w/dis. payments. MS contacted CDO - need to complain to SHA.

Orthodontics / Oral Surgery 18 weeks referrals (see Spencer Nute's report). CF reported that SE refusing some wisdom teeth extraction referrals (CF to see David Hine).

LDC Website : Passwords set up by MP, with secure HTTPS protocol. Agreed to pay £150 for own 'domain' (PL to help), with 'Blog' to post comments. Minutes to be displayed.

NHS Identity Logo : BD asked why any one would want it, and an Essex LDC logo was much preferred.

AOB : CF gave a report of the LDC Officials' Meeting (see attached notes).Officials Day. The Health Protection Agency has requested bank details from members. This is to be refused, as members can see no reason for this (and government departments do not have the best track record when it comes to protecting sensitive personal information). AC confirmed that practice hours over the Christmas period should be that which is ‘normal’, and not the extended hours demanded by the PCTs.

Next meeting : 7.00pm Monday 25th February at Chemsford Golf Club.

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