Essex Local Dental Committee

Essex Local Dental Committee Minutes 20071010

Hon. Secretary : Tony Clough, Roxwell House, Roxwell, Essex, CM1 4NL Tel :01245 248553, e-mail : clogdent[at]

Assist. Secretary : Clinton Foreman, Tel : 07718 900909, e-mail : clintforeman[at]

Minutes of meeting held 10.10.07. at Chelmsford Golf Club, Chelmsford, Essex.

Apologies : Nick Barker Chrissie Cope Clint Foreman Spencer Nute Chris Roome Bill Abbott

Minutes of previous meeting : Approved.

Matters arising : An LDC website could be considered for distribution of minutes, letters etc


Treasurer : Levies are being collected at an increasing amount, however there are still many PDS performers not contributing and are thus being subsidised by GDS dentists. Essex LDC Account has a balance of £25,000 Essex LDC Reserve Account has £30,000 balance North and South accounts have now been closed In W Essex the Levy is being paid TO the dentists as a result of an error No payments have been made to the Guild or Ben Fund since 2004, we should consider a payment if finances continue to recover

Chairman : Thanks to Bill Abbott for all his work as Treasurer

Secretarial : Infection Control continues to be at the forefront of all PCTs attention With a Mid Essex infection Control Audit having been recently completed and the appointment of an Infection Control "Matron" in West Essex. HTM20/10 continues to be the Gold standard and will soon have a dental annexe A Pragmatic approach to maintenance is called for and not the adherence to draconian secondary care protocols. PAG Assessors training is set for 20th Nov and it is hoped that Messrs Barker, Patel, Mehta, Goodchild and Gaubert will attend. More assessors may lead to more favourable outcomes with NCAS recently stating that the exclusion of a Doctor/Dentist could cost up to £185,000 The Constitution is ready for discussion, it was felt that Essex should elect for the 4 yr option . The inclusion of co-opted nurses and therapists has been suggested The returning officer for the elections next year will be Dr Mark Shackell Consultant in Dental Public Health.

Outreach Centre in Southend : Surprise was voiced by BH at the appointment of Melvyn Smith as Academic Head of the Southend Outreach Centre BH requested clarification of membership of appointments panel and why a local dentist was not asked to be present. Chair has requested to see a copy of minutes of the panel.

Contract Monitoring : West Essex are allowing a tolerance of 10% over and under performance Mid Essex allowing 6-8% dependant upon discussions with providers SE and SW do not appear willing to allow any over performance and NE Essex position is unclear

Foundation Course : Essex University Last minute organisation led to limited selection process Several Practices were proposed by Sec and MS Next year a transparent process must be adopted with support of LDC Payment options have not been finalised with the following suggested; Extra UDAs given out. A UDA Credit allowed as a training allowance. A cash payment for training

Orthodontics : 18 Week wait regs now apply to Ortho patients in Secondary care. Hospitals cannot cope. West Essex hosps have declined the ortho contract and so the PCT have been trying to commission elsewhere Currently discussions are with Whipps X hosp and surprisingly not local Specialist Practitioners. TC reported that hosp only treats IOTN 5's and most are referred from specialists. These cases need hosp care Adam C stated that Havering specialist practitioners are horrified at the prospect of no hosp consultant. MS confirmed the requirement for continued Hosp Consultant service.

Levy : A proposal from PL was heard that the LDC should contribute 5K to the Guild and to the Ben Fund. This was seconded by R Davey - unanimous. It was decided not to contribute to Eddie Crouch and his campaign.

AOB : PL asked what had happened to CDS in NE Essex MS informed Committee that A Clayton had now left and that NE and Mid were considering a merger Primary care will shortly receive guidance on "post 2009" measures JG asked why there was a delay in receiving money for WD's JG also anxious that all dentists in W Essex had to submit Superannuation details to PCT. RD informed committee that reserve fund held 11K, but he had no idea where it came from or its purpose, he promised to find out and report back. The LDC was pleased to congratulate Mark Shackell on his appointment as Consultant in DPH for Essex.

Next meeting : 10th Dec 2007 at 7pm.

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