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The Covid 19 - BDA Urgent Care Advice Hyperlink. Live updates regarding coronavirus and dentistry from the BDA

Hello Everyone.
We would like to give you an update from Essex LDC.
Following recent discussions across the region with other LDC and LDN representatives, we have taken the decision to advise ALL Practice Owners in Essex to consider current guidance and decide whether to stop undertaking any routine dentistry orthodontics or hygiene from the week commencing 23rd March 2020.
Some practices may elect to close completely but others who stay open should offer urgent dental care only e.g. broken teeth causing pain, trauma, sepsis.
In due course Essex LDC and LDN together with PHE and NHS England East will be identifying practices which will continue to carry out emergency care using full PPE, and you will be advised as soon as possible of all contact numbers.
Meanwhile the practice may be closed and all patients should be asked to call the practice line where their need for urgent care will be triaged. Any urgent dental care patients should be screened prior to any treatment according to existing NHS guidance.
In some areas practices may decide to work together collaboratively to support the provision of urgent care to patients during this period of closure before the designated full PPE clinics start to operate.
I am sure that you will all agree that to continue working in such close proximity to our patients poses an unacceptable risk to patients, staff and ourselves.
Prompt urgent action now will save lives.
Tony Clough
Essex LDC

Tony and Clint Foreman would like to highlight some points regarding: Primary Dental Care Letter 25th March from Sara Hurley Chief Dental Officer for England

1. All staff (associates, dental nurses, receptionists, etc.) are to be paid as before, i.e. 100%, but, in exchange for accepting full pay, they may be redeployed elsewhere within the NHS. This does not include hygienists.
2. There is appreciation that the month of March, vital for achieving UDA targets, has been compromised, and the UDA figures for March 2019 may be substituted as necessary.
3. For the financial year 2020-21, NHS England will continue to make monthly payments that are equal to 1/12th of current annual contract values, with reconciliation in 2020-21 to take into account the difficulties of delivery for the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.
4. All practices must provide a triage service during normal hours, or be in collaboration with other practices for this provision.
5. Practices can arrange with local pharmacies to dispense antibiotics/analgesics, etc. directly to patients, with the prescription being sent separately to the pharmacist. This means that the patient will not have to attend the surgery.
6. Urgent Care Centres are being set up for patients who require more than antibiotics/analgesia, etc.
7. It is hoped that there will be 4/5 centres in Essex for urgent care of non-symptomatic, vulnerable or shielded patients.
8. Initially, there will be 2 centres for urgent care of COVID 19 positive patients.
9. These centres are being set up and you will be notified with full contact details as soon as possible.
Please be aware that we have the same information as you, and we may be unable to answer all your individual queries.
The bottom line is that we are trying our best to keep practitioners, staff and patients out of ICU and off ventilators.

Current obligations:
Please remember that you are required to provide a 3As telephone consultation by a dentist during normal working hours. If this proves to be insufficient, please use the Appendix 4 'Proforma for Referring Patients' together with the first part of the 'Spreadsheet for Referral' (the green section) and send to the triage service via:
No other means of referral should be used.

Standard Operating Procedure: Planning for Urgent Dental Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic NHS England & NHS Improvement - East of England

Standard Operating Procedure: Urgent dental care systems in the context of coronavirus - Delay Phase from 15th April 2020 - NHS England & NHS Improvement

200330COVID-19triageSpreadsheet.html | 200330COVID-19triageSpreadsheet.xlsx
OMFS2WeekWaitAssessment.html | OMFS2WeekWaitAssessment.xlsx
200330PharmacyContacts.html | 200330PharmacyContacts.xlsx
200330PatientTriageSystemCareRecord-1.html | 200330PatientTriageSystemCareRecord-1.xlsx

Updated forms:
COVID-19TriageSpreadsheetV4.html | COVID-19TriageSpreadsheetV4.xlsx
Appendix4-PatientTriageSystem-CareRecordV2.html | Appendix4-PatientTriageSystem-CareRecordV2.docx
Updated forms:

Standard Operating Procedure: Urgent dental care East of England in the context of coronavirus from 7/5/2020 - NHS England & NHS Improvement

Standard Operating Procedure: Domiciliary and Shielded Patients Urgent dental care East of England in the context of coronavirus from 14/5/2020


Updated forms:

C0581_COVID-19UrgentDentalCareSOP_4 June_2020.pdf

Updated forms:


Updated forms:

Covid 19 Infection prevention and control guidance dental appendix - from 20/10/2020 C0813_COVID-19-Urgent-dental-care-SOP_v4-27-October-2020.pdf

Updated forms:

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